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MarketPulse is an award-winning forex, commodities and global indices analysis and news site service produced by OANDA Business Information & Services, Inc.

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Our main goal is to provide timely and informative commentary on major macroeconomic trends, technical analysis, and worldwide events that impact different asset classes, traders and investors.

Established in 2006 by a team of experienced market analysts, MarketPulse publishes insightful commentary daily with full-time coverage of the world’s largest financial markets.

This website is a free resource that imposes no fees or paywalls on its readership. We welcome and encourage your feedback.

Macroeconomic Analysis — MarketPulse offers a holistic view of national, regional, and global factors to support traders in their quest for relevant market data. The topics we provide commentary on are published in the following subsections:

  • MarketPulse – Up-to-the-moment financial market trends and their immediate impact on currencies, commodities, and stock market indices
  • Economic Exposure – The major macro trends impacting the markets with a mid- to long-term view. Economic Exposure complements the main MarketPulse news section by focusing on a longer time horizon
  • Central Bank Watch – Policymakers around the world have increasingly intervened in financial markets. In order to understand their decisions, and how far-reaching monetary policy can be, this section covers all items related to the world’s major central banks’ statements, rumours, forecasts, and important policy decisions

Technical Analysis — The study of past pricing information to build models, tools, and techniques using applied statistics. It is the most popular form of analysis used in forex and an integral part of other asset classes:

  • Forex – The largest market by volume with more than US$ 7 trillion traded daily. MarketPulse issues daily technical reports on major currency pairs such as EUR/USD, AUD/USD, USD/JPY, GBP/USD, USD/CAD and most of the top 10 traded pairs.
  • Commodities – MarketPulse issues technical reports on major commodities including gold, silver, oil (Brent and WTI), copper, wheat, and sugar
  • Indices – MarketPulse issues technical reports on major indices including the Nikkei, DAX, Nasdaq, FTSE, and NYSE.

Forex News — The MarketPulse team actively monitors the markets and the coverage provided by other leading financial websites and news media. When we find information that is worth sharing, we post it on MarketPulse with a direct link to the original source to help keep our readers apprised of all major events

Economic Calendar — Scheduled economic and news events drive financial markets. Our calendar detailing upcoming central bank statements, labour reports, and inflation measures can be easily configured by country. Knowledge is power: be aware in advance of future events that may impact your trading or investment portfolio