Greece Points to June IMF Payment

The Greek government is priming investors for another cliffhanger on June 5.  While Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras’s spokesman Gabriel Sakellaridis insisted on Monday that the government will pay salaries and pensions due at the end of this month, he refused to be drawn in on whether the administration will be able to find the roughly 300 million euros ($329 million) it’s due to pay the International Monetary Fund at the end of next week.

“This government has the responsibility to pay its obligations, both within Greece and externally,” Sakellaridis told reporters in Athens. “The liquidity problems are well known. We want to honor our obligations, and that’s exactly why we’re seeking this agreement soon.”

Greece looks set to miss the May 31 deadline German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Francois Hollande set last week for reaching an agreement on aid, with no more meetings of euro-area finance ministers scheduled before then and its creditors still to sign off on Tsipras’s economic plans. Greek Economy Minister George Stathakis said in an interview with Le Monde newspaper that it may still be several weeks until the two sides can reach an agreement, though a deal remains the most likely outcome.